The Bus Boys, The Untouchables, Audrey Turner, Osairis, Kenneith Perrin, Gaba Groove
with The Bus Boys, The Untouchables, Audrey Turner, Osairis, Kenneith Perrin, Gaba Groove
Sat January 27, 2024 6:00 pm PST (Doors: 6:00 pm )
Whisky A Go Go , 8901 W Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA (map)
All Ages
The Bus Boys, The Untouchables, Audrey Turner, Osairis, Kenneith Perrin, Gaba Groove
The Bus Boys
The BusBoys are one of America's premiere Roots, Rock & Soul bands. Having created an American rock classic, "The Boys Are Back In Town," The BusBoys have taken the lyric line from that song literally and are ready to let the world know that they are indeed 'back in town," ready to rock. 

With the release of their single and video “Civil Rights” and new album “In My Heart,” The BusBoys come full circle. The new record features insightful, socially relevant, fun songs that both reflect our times and comment on our here and now. 

This step into the future is based on their past: it was in the early months of 1980, with the legendary Whisky A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip as the site, that a group of teenagers forever changed the direction of Rock and Roll. With a nod to past rock pioneers Chuck Berry and Little Richard, The BusBoys took a foray into the future. They were Black, bold, irreverent, and they rocked. It was an auspicious debut for the group who laid the foundation for acceptance of black rock and rollers who have since become household names. 

The BusBoys took rhythm and blues roots and fireballed them into a blazing, amazing, multi-dimensional rock and roll career trail. Under the creative and musical leadership of founder Brian O'Neal, they lit up the big and small screens, full-tilted the concert stage and collected multitudes of fans. 

Their work has been released on four major label albums, including the multi-platinum soundtrack for "Ghostbusters" which earned a Grammy nomination. The group toured extensively, either headlining or co-headlining with many top acts, including Linda Ronstadt, Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats, ZZ Top and Eddie Murphy. During their many television appearances, they rocked "American Bandstand," "Soul Train," 
"Rock Concert" and "Saturday Night Live." 

But they are no doubt best known for their internationally acclaimed on-screen performance in the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte Paramount Pictures blockbuster, "48 HRS." Their performance of several original songs lit up the film, most notably the song destined to become a classic: "The Boys Are Back In Town." 

In the mid-90s, the band reduced their performing schedule, but continued to place songs on soundtrack albums for major Hollywood studios including Paramount, Tri-Star, Disney, and Columbia Pictures. They also contributed their musical talent to a series of national television commercials for Anheuser Busch, Electronic Arts, and the NBA. 

The Boys also collaborated with singer/songwriter Brian O'Neal for an on-screen performance in the critically acclaimed Denzel Washington/Jennifer Beales Tri-Star film, "Devil In A Blue Dress." 

In the mid 2000’s The BusBoys continued to tour and record new singles including the upbeat fun “It Must Be Saturday Night.” 

Brian and the band have continued adding to their career resume. They worked recently on two films, "Ghostbusters: Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters,"
RemeberingGhostbusters and "Freeway City: The Story of an L.A. Suburb." With “Freeway City” Brian acted as Executive Producer, Composer and Music Supervisor. The single featured in the film "City’s On Fire" is exactly that. The film can be viewed at 

Over the ensuing years Brian O’Neal and The BusBoys have had the honor of hosting the stage for other gifted talents as Special Guests. These include Ray Parker, Jr., Otis Day of Otis Day and The Knights and Willie Chambers of the Chambers Brothers. 

The release of the single “Civil Rights” on July 4th, 2020, marks another milestone in the band’s journey. It is the first song from the album “In My Heart.” It is an attention grabbing, aggressive commentary on the civil rights commitment of America since its inception, that “all men are created equal.” 

The full album is due to be released in 2021. The songs have varied themes, spoken from the voice of their composer, Brian O’Neal. “I think of myself as a multi-dimensional person and the record is inspired by my thoughts and experiences. While the compositions are personal, I believe they reflect much of our universal human endeavors; life, loss, love and the potential for joy from it all.” 

The BusBoys continue to increase their digital footprint, making for easy, minimum wage access to the band. You can find the new singles, classic catalogue material and alternate, never before released selections of BusBoys music at this ever growing website, 

The best news of all is this band, which has been called "the most exciting act in rock and roll," will soon be performing live. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the mad rise, all world, big school, butt bumpin’, rock & roll, rhythm and blues of Brian O'Neal and The BusBoys - - spread the word: THE BOYS ARE BACK!!
The Untouchables
Audrey Turner
Audrey is the wife of the late legendary Ike Turner and was the lead vocalist for Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. 
Audrey and Ike have played to sold out audiences all over the world until Ike’s passing in 2007 after winning a Grammy for Best Blues Album.Audrey has put together an all star lineup of musicians featuring drummer Pat Woods from Bill Graham’s famous San Francisco band The Readymades and former drummer for Rock and Roll Revival Tour featuring The Coasters, Little Richard, and The Shirells. Guitarist Alexander Liapin who was #1 guitarist in St. Petersburg and taught a master guitar class for Sir Paul McCartney.Bay Area Bassist extraordinaire Alexey Udalov and Hollywood’s Emanuel Madison on keyboards completes the powerful lineup of musicians behind the powerhouse rock and blues vocals of Audrey Turner.
Kenneith Perrin
Gaba Groove